Today, I am just taking it all in that Thanksgiving is in less than a week. Wow! This year seem to have passed really quick. Who else feels the same? During the holidays is when I see most of my family and I honestly, enjoy it. There is nothing that can take the place of those whom support you, and love you unconditionally. Make sure you take this time this holiday season and really make it a thankful one. No matter whom you have surrounding you, be thankful for those people. Spread love in whatever way you can.

I took a day and volunteered my time to the St.Vincent De Paul dinning room. For those who are not familiar with them, they have multiple locations that help those in need. This particular location feeds those in need. I must say that this was one of the best things I did all year. It touched me in such a way to see that I could give freely and make such an impact on another life by doing something so simple, Volunteering! Such a humbling experience.  If you have a feeding center or a local place near you that offer these types of services, please volunteer and touch a life with time and love. 

Let's mask in the awesomeness of this look!! This blazer is one of my new favs, I paired it with these distressed shorts (on sale!! for $30 + 40% off ) I got a few months ago from Express when they were having a huge sale. If you do not own a pair of olive knee high boots or knee high boots period, Girlfriend what are you waiting for?! Ha I just love OTK boot, there are so many options out there. But,these boots are only ($50). They are fun and a great add to any look,I paired them with this look to bring out a fall vibe. Links to all this hawt-ness and some other options are below loves!  






What better way to bring a new blog post by making a huge announcement! If you follow my Instagram page,Then most of you may know I have been blogging for about a month now.However, my passion for fashion has been for years.I always loved dressing up or styling someone,it is something fun for me.But, more importantly I believe I was gifted with such a talent. 

I like being different and taking risk with styling whether it is with others or myself.Sometimes,you have to be uncomfortable in order to achieve somethings one thing form of advice I can give anyone that is interested in starting a blog or starting something that is a gift of theirs,"JUST JUMP".Before starting my blog and my boutique I debated for the longest with myself.I was my own set-back and dilemma, one of your biggest competitions is SELF! The support and push of others was always there,I was the one holding back and talking myself out of making a move. 

Now that I have jumped,I can honestly say this has been a very joyous journey and I am so grateful to share it with each of you. 



I am so humbly honored to share with you guys that I am officially an Rewardstyle and Liketoknowit style influencer!!!! This is such an amazing opportunity. For those of you who don't know Reward style is an invitation only style influencer platform, which means they are very particular about who they accept. Most times it takes multiple tries to get accepted, I however was blessed to get accepted and invited on the FIRST try, I do not take that lightly.


Now, back to this cute look!!! These pants are from Mustard Seed. They are super comfortable. Unfortunately, they are sold out. But, don't worry I plan to put some on my store site soon. Make sure you follow my Instagram page to know when. This Bodysuit is from Posh Avenue Boutique. This is such a fun look, You can basically wear this to any event. 



Anyone looking for that cool weather like me? I reside in South Louisiana and living here, we never know what temperature it will be no matter what season it is Ha. But, it is Fall season and I am ready for it! So, why not take advantage of it still being warm enough for a blazer and some cute shorts.


Adding a blazer to an outfit sets a tone in more ways than one. I paired my blazer with some shorts and showed two different approaches to the look. The first, was with my favorite block heels from Target. This look is great for a quick lunch date or even if you're just going to the mall for a mini shopping trip. 


The second look, I paired some cute tennis to show a more relaxed look. These tennis, I got from Fashion Nova a while back and I love them. Same look, just different approaches. When you wear a blazer it does not always have to be paired with heels. Both looks are very comfortable and perfect for the 'lets meet for lunch day' or that 'I just want to look cute and comfortable'. 








First, lets take a moment to preserve the cuteness of these embroider jeans! One of my ultimate choices when piecing together a quick outfit, is wearing jeans. I have so many pairs of jeans, I could probably open a denim store. What about you? I have noticed, that embroidered clothing, is making a huge come up in the fashion world from Jackets, to Shirts, and even Shoes. I love it all!


These embroidered jeans is on sale for $20, and I love the slit at the knee detail. Paired with this puff sleeve blouse that can be worn on and off the shoulder. Now, even though I pulled out the pink with this blouse, you can pair these jeans with denim, Olive, Navy shirt, or even a colored blazer. Yes, to all pops of color!!! Until our next fashion chat,go slay your day babes! 

Jeans || Blouse




Are you saying YES to this dress?! I AM. I tend to browse the internet often in search for something different, when I want something new. In searching for floral lately, I have been very successful with BOOHOO. They have amazing options for floral prints. I must warn, that they have tons of cute looks. 

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you
— M. Yogi

When it comes to floral prints, there is no denying that it is eye catching. When wearing floral,don't be afraid to still add a pop of color. This off shoulder shift dress is perfect for date night, or a night out with the girls. I love the spaghetti straps accent.The length is perfect and the fit is comfortable. I paired it with a waist belt and simple black heels. In South Louisiana the climate changes quite often. So,adding a denim or leather jacket to this look,would be perfect for this Fall weather. 

Dress (similar $16 Steal)||Belt (old)


Camouflage jeans


Hello Dolls!! We are now in Fall and I hope you're as excited as I am. This is my very first blog post and what better way to start then in one of my favorite prints! 


Camouflage is becoming a big go to this fall and honestly,I am all for it! From jogger pants to vest to tops and more.It is such a great print to style with.Pair it with a sweater, a jean shirt, a plain white t-shirt, or even leopard! Yes, print with print (I will share my tips on a later post) and you will still slay in camouflage. 


I am in love with these camouflage jeans , you guys. The fit is comfortable, amazing, and has great stretch if you have a nice size bun back there.I highly recommend! This loose fit sweater is so versatile and comfortable. Thanks for reading Posh Babes!